Exhibition with over one million visitors around the world coming to Japan soon!

2020.3.15.sun-9.27.sun ASOBUILD in Yokohama. Regional showings also planned in other locations such as Osaka!


The Provocative and Shocking Works of World-Renowned Artist Banksy Are Coming to Japan for the First Time

More than 70 works by the world's hottest artist, the UK-based Banksy, will go on display in Japan. This large-scale exhibition, which features the collection that has shocked the global art scene, includes original works and three-dimensional objects, as well as a multimedia space that conveys, through images, the feelings that Banksy’s political messages and witty satire arouse.

One Million People Worldwide Have Been Amazed by the World of Banksy

Since 2018, five cities—Moscow, St. Petersburg, Madrid, Lisbon, and Hong Kong—have hosted this exhibition, which has attracted an enthusiastic audience of more than one million people. Experiencing the works of Banksy gives you a sense of the depth of his talent as an artist. This show offers for the first time retrospectives of Banksy's solo exhibitions, events held at Dismaland and the Bristol Museum of Art, and collaborations with artists and musicians. By taking on Banksy's view of the world, each visitor can ponder his identity: Is he an artist or a businessman, an avenger or a vandal, a genius or just a rebel? Come see and decide for yourself.


An anonymous artist based in the UK, Banksy’s works appear in unexpected places around the world such as streets, walls and bridges. Perceived by the art world as an artist who produces critical street art aimed at social issues, Banksy is also active in a wide range of areas such as theme parks, accommodation facilities and film production. Unique graffiti using stencils is a typical example of Banksy’s activities and the accompanying epigrams are satirical and full of dark humor. This style was developed on the underground scene in Bristol, a port city in the west of England where one can find lively collaboration between artists and musicians.


Humorous Satire of the Society Banksy Is Questioning

All of Banksy's popular works are humorous, but they represent a sharp social satire engrained with political messages. In this exhibition, the art is organized by themes, such as "POLICY," "PROTEST,” and "CCTV," that reveal the intent behind each work.

Works that are popular in Japan, such as LOVE IS IN THE AIR, which carries a message of peace, and GIRL WITH BALLOON, which is about hope, as well as other pieces, such as those of the socially vulnerable rats in the RAT series, will be displayed.

An Experience-Based Multimedia Exhibition

This show features many exhibits that let you experience Banksy’s view of the world. Images of his past activities unfold on an impressively large three-panel screen. In an installation that recreates the artist's working environment, an image of Banksy emerges from the stencil molds, spray cans, and other items he uses to produce his art. In addition, there will be a video installation of the artwork planned in 2015 for the satirical theme park Dismaland and a reproduction of The Walled Off Hotel built in Palestine.

*The works included in the exhibition in Japan are subject to change.


From the producer of this exhibition

Alexander Nachkebiya,
representative of IQ ART MANAGEMENT CORP

“Genius or Vandal?” is an exhibition held on an unprecedented scale which features works of Banksy’s collectors from around the world. This exhibition approaches Banksy’s work in various ways, giving visitors an experience by using not only his original artworks but also many rear photos, videos, installations and an audio guide. Many visitors have commented that they have been surprised by the versatility of Banksy’s talent, at how multifaceted Banksy’s activities are.

Banksy is known to be a graffiti artist, but he also has another side—as an outstanding contemporary artist, creating in his studio. He monitors the news, picks and addresses those particular topics that relate and concern each and every one, presents and addresses those topics in his unique way so that we really start thinking, start paying attention, start acting. His images are simple, but somehow they speak right to our hearts and souls, meanings of his works are multilayer. My goal is not only to feature his artworks, but also show the depth of its meaning, make people feel and think again – something that we forgot how to do in our everyday hustle.

The lifespans of Banksy’s street works are very short, and not many people have actually seen the his artworks on the walls. We have been able to gain cooperation from several private collectors and introduce our visitors to the unique talent of Banksy.

I know that people in Japan are very sensitive to art, and I am sure that they will be able to appreciate the talent of Banksy.


Based on the concept of “free play through art,” Asobuild displays work by up-and-coming artists throughout each floor. At a place to which you’ve casually come to have fun on the weekend, we want you to comfortably experience art. That’s because we believe that art sways people’s hearts and makes them feel an excitement that can’t be put into words, and that at times it has the power to change your life.

Numerous works of street art by Banksy convey a strong message. Regardless of status or location, anyone out on the street can see Banksy’s work, which sends messages to people through playful expression. We’re delighted to be able to hold an exhibition that has collected that artwork here at Asobuild, where we want to enrich people’s lives through play.


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Overview of the Event

DurationMarch 15 (Sunday) - September 27 (Sunday), 2020, 10:00 - 20:30
(2F ASOBUILD, 2-14-9 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture)
OrganizerTV Asahi Corporation / Akatsuki Live Entertainment Inc.,
SupportTV Kanagawa / Nippon Broadcasting System / J-WAVE / FM Yokohama
Planning and ProductionIQ ART MANAGEMENT CORP